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Camarada Karadras tu idea es buena. .

2 2 3 3 1 3 1 4 6+

Composicion: 20 a 50 esclavos (4pst cada esclavo)

+Rifle de pulso-Alcance 60 cm, Fuerza 3, FP -.
+Arma de combate cuerpo a cuerpo
Reglas especiales:
+Coraje: Superan automaticamente todos los chequeos de moral, es mejor morir en el campo de batalla que a manos de los Eldars Oscuros.

[color=#FF0000:2uk3u0at]¡Ni un paso atras![/color:2uk3u0at]

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Yo los pondria a 5 puntos sin armadura y con no hay dolor

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pues no les pondría armas de disparo ( podrían atacar a los propios EO ) mas bien coraje y en caso de estar en cac usar la regla de skaven donde pueden disparar al cac y que mueran tanto enemigos como esclavos .

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14 años 5 meses antes #45135 por karadras
Hum... sin armadura, con el perfil que ha puesto el camarada V_Z y por cinco puntos... yo les pondría pistolas puercas de F3 Alcance 30 y arma de CaC, no hay dolor y coraje, y un esclavista Eldar con un látigo pegándoles para evitar que se revelen.

[b:rl5ziuli][i:rl5ziuli]\\\"La guerra es mi señora, la muerte, mi amante\\\"[/i:rl5ziuli][/b:rl5ziuli] [b:rl5ziuli]Señor Fenix Maugan Ra, de Altansar[/b:rl5ziuli]


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14 años 5 meses antes #45150 por mfjlarcen
lo de los esclavos armados no me termina de convencer , me gusta mas la idea que da un relato que aparece en el libro de ejército de elfos oscuros ( el anterior ) donde los liberan para entorpecer el movimiento de la caballería .
aunque un tipo con un látigo empujando esclavos al campo de batalla para que sean carne de cañon va muy acorde con los EO .

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más novedades Codex Blood Angels 2010


The models in the Blood Angels army use a number of special rules that are common to more than one unit, as specified in the individual entries that follow. Given here are either the details of those rules or a reference to where you can find them.

Space Marines automatically pass tests to regroup, and can take such tests even if the squad has been reduced to less than half strength by casualties, though all other criteria apply. Usually troops that regroup cannot move normally and always count as moving whether they do or not, but these restrictions do not apply to models subject to this special rule. If Space Marines are caught by a sweeping advance, they are not destroyed and will instead continue to fight
normally. If this happens then the unit is subject to the No Retreat! rule in this round of close combat and might therefore suffer additional casualties. Units which include Servitors are still subject to this rule, providing that the unit contains at least one Space Marine.

A number of ten-man units in the Blood Angels army have the option of breaking down into two five-man units, called combat squads This option is dearly specified in the unites entry. For example, a ten-man Veteran Assault squad can either fight as a ten-man unit or break down into two five-man combat squads. The units that can be split into combat squads are:
• Tactical squads
• Assault squads
• Veteran Assault squads
• Scout squads
• Terminator squads
• Assault Terminator squads
• Bike squads
• Scout Bike squads
• Devastator squads
The decision to split the unit into combat squads, as well as which models go into each combat squad, must be made when the unit is deployed. Both combat squads can be deployed in separate locations. The one exception to this is a unit that arrives by Drop Pod. The player can choose to split such a unit into combat squads when it disembarks from the Drop Pod. If you decide to split a unit into combat squads, then each combat squad is treated as a separate unit for all game purposes from that point.

From the day of their Sanguination to their death on the battlefield the Blood Angels fight not only with countless foes but with a burning urge inside them. It is the Red Thirst, the legacy of their Primarch Sanguinius, that plagues many Blood Angels with visions of
death. In battle Blood Angels can harness these visions to evoke a ferocity that gave the Blood Angels Chapter its reputation for unparalleled brutal assaults. Sometimes however the Red Thirst is so overwhelming that the Blood Angels forget their noble heritage and completely lose control over themselves. It is not unheard of that Blood Angels squads abandon advantageous positions to engange the enemy in hand to hand combat. More often than not these assaults turn out to be so devastating that unprepared enemy forces are simply swept away.
At the start of the Blood Angels player's movement phase an unit with this special rule has to make a Red Thirst test, even if it is in a transport. The unit makes a Leadership test. If the test fails the opposing player checks if there is one of his own units in 12" of the testing unit. If this is the case the Blood Angels unit is subject to the Rage universal special rule for the remainder of the turn. Note that units that have the Rage special rule are not obliged to disembark. Dreadnoughts have a Leadership of 10 for the Red Thirst test.
Additionally if the result of the Red Thirst test is 7 or more the unit has the Furious Charge universal special rule for this turn.

Units with Red Thirst and Rage or Furious Charge
Units with the Rage universal special rule and the Red Thirst special rule may roll for Red Thirst to get Furious Charge but no distances are measured. Units with the Furious Charge universal special rule and the Red Thirst special rule roll for Red Thirst but solely to check if they are affected by Rage. Units with Red Thirst, Rage and Furious Charge, no Red Thirst do not roll for Red Thirst.

The struggle with the Red Thirst is a constant battle of will for Sanguinius's Sons and they are more and more on the losing side. It is the ancient task of the Chaplains and Sanguinary Priests to constrain the urge and guide their battle brothers to tame the thirst. Their example is a flicker of hope for the Blood Angels to achieve salvation.
If a unit is in 6" of a model with the Paragon of Restraint special rule at the start of the movement phase it ignores all effects of the Rage special rule for the remainder of the turn.

ETERNAL WARRIOR, FEARLESS, FEEL NO PAIN, FLEET, FURIOUS CHARGE, HIT & RUN, INFILTRATE, MOVE THROUGH COVER, PREFERRED ENEMY, RAGE, SCOUTS: All these rules are detailed in Universal Spedal Rules, in the Warhammer 40.000 rulebook.

Commander 6-5-4-4-3-5-3-10-3+
And They Shall Know No Fear, Red Thirst, Independent Character
Iron Halo: The Iron Halo incorporates a powerful energy field that can turn aside even the most deadly attacks. It confers a 4+ invulnerable save.
Blood-Forged Blade: The Flesh Tearers took possession of the Blood-forged Blade during a boarding action of a Relictors' battle barge. The origin of this ornate power sword is only known to the renegade Chapter but the Flesh Tearers quickly recognized its inert power. When it is unsheathed its heavy blade is covered by a thin film of blood that is constantly vaporized by the glowing energy field surrounding the weapon. The balance of the blade is so sophisticated that the wearer can penetrate even the defence of the quickest of warriors in a rapid barrage of strikes. Unique. The Blood-forges blade counts as a power weapon that adds +1 to wearer's Attack.



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